Main Features:

  1.   Time

  2. -specify the observation time start and duration, as well as time increment

  1.   GPS Ephemeris File

  2. -options to select which almanac and ephmeris files to utilize during visbility computations

  3. -download these files when connected to Internet

  1.   Antenna Location

  2. -specific the precise location of the antenna

  3. -multiple locations can be stored in file and selected from pull-down menu

  1.   Antenna Pointing and Masks

  2. -set the antenna boresight direction

  3. -define the elevation mask angles on the antenna

  1.   Outputs

  2. -numerous plots are provided that describe the visibility at the defined location.

  3. -computed visibility data can be exported for external use.

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Library of User Functions:

  1. Sidera can be invoked using its GUI or incorporate its MATLAB functions within your own simulations and analyses

  1. Export computed visibility data to generate user specific plots and figures

  2. Refer to tutorial in the User Manual for complete listing
    of user functions (available soon).

Coming Soon!

GPS Satellite Visibility

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sidera (si•dera) noun; Latin stars


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